The College is housed in a spacious three stored building. There are nearly 10 spacious classrooms, a big seminar hall equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, a library-cum-reading room and well equipped laboratories for different subjects and a good play ground.

The institution have the following infrastructure.

  • 1) 10 classrooms.
  • 2) Multipurpose Hall
  • 3) Library-cum-Reading Room
  • 4) Curriculum Laboratory
  • 5) Separate laboratories for Biological Science, Language, Social Studies, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences etc.
  • 6) Principal’s Room
  • 7) Staff Room
  • 8) Administrative Office
  • 9) Visitor’s Room
  • 10)Separate common room for male and female students.
  • 11) Seminar Room
  • 12) Separate toilet facilities for male and female students.
  • 13) Parking Space.
  • 14) Store Room
  • 15) Safeguard against fire hazard be provided in all parts of the building.
  • 16) Computer Lab


All the departments have a spacious and rich lab equipment to cater to the needs of the trainee students and every year the labs are upgraded as per requirements.


The language educators(English and Telugu) train the students on the essence of four skills (LSRW) and elements of Language Teaching with the help of equipped laboratories which include working  models,charts,3-D material, electronic gadgets like T.V,  Tape recorder, DVD Player, computer, audio systems etc.,Special emphasisis given to improve pronunciation and  to oral communication skill training in the English department.


 Successful teaching rests on understanding the child. The Psychology lab is equipped with the essential tools to equip trainee teachers in the methods of  Psychological Testing and assessments. There are tools to measure memory,intelligence,personality, attention,attitudes,aptitudes etc.The students are exposed to the procedure for conducting these tests and interpreting the results.

Education Technology:

The lab is provided with all types of technological gadgets needed to equip the trainee teachers in the salient aspects of the technology of education and technology in education. First generation electronic equipment like gramophones, 16 mm film projector, traditional cameras etcare the added attractions of this department.  We have LCD Projector, overhead projector, slide projector, computers with multimedia and internet facility etc. The students prepare transparencies and slides which facilitate them in teaching. They also make power point presentations on computers in different subjects.


Equipped with necessary furniture, graph boards, roller boards, geometry instrument boxes, different models of geometrical solids, mathematical kits, etc. The students use the laboratory for preparation of teaching aids like charts, models, flash cards, working models, special charts and low cost apparatus.

Social Studies Laboratory

Well equipped with maps, charts, specimen and meteorological instruments. Students develop teaching aids with the help of this equipment.Interesting Working models ,non working 2-D and 3-D models, informative charts and visuals and exclusive collection of ancient and modern stamps are a part of the social studies laboratory which is sure to make the teaching and learning of social sciences a joy to the teacher trainees

Physical Sciences:

The lab is equipped with all the material that aids in the teaching of concepts in physical science, chemicals to carry out demonstrations and experiments, charts, models microscope etc.,

Biological Sciences:

A motivation to explore the world of living and non-living-The Biology lab is equipped  with charts,models, specimens to teach  and learn concepts in Biological science and perform experiments.


The college has a very spacious air conditioned computer lab consisting of 26 new systems with i-3 processors. Internet facility is available to all the systems.The lab has printer, scanner, LCD Projector etc.,Teaching classes are made effective with power point presentation. The prospective student teachers are thus ensured technological proficiency through specialised training in computers .


Special importance is given to games and physical education activities. All the trainee teachers are encouraged to involve at least in one major game and one minor game.

The college library is one of its kinds with a rich collection of text books reference books, journals, periodicals etc., It is spacious enough for the students to read, refer and enrich.

All the periodicals pertaining to education particularly those published by research wings of the NCERT.




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