Our Secretary &Correspondant

The guiding force, the unseen hand behind the success of our institutions under the PRABHAS banner is none other than our Secretary and Correspondent Dr.D.RamaRao M.A(Eng)., M.Sc,(Psy)M.Ed.. M.Phil(Edu).,Ph.D(Edu). He has been the shinning light guiding the Prabhas Institutions right since its inception. He puts his heart and soul into the cause of education and turns his every dream into reality. His day to day involvement in all the Prabhas institutions and his meticulous attention to the minutest detail have been greatly responsible for its enviable record and achievement by scaling greater heights

Our ideology is to nurture and groom students with ethical code of conduct with a passion to educate them with best educating techniques and curving every student teacher into a responsible citizen.

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